My name is Adela.

At present I live and work in London. I improve my English and French language in the same way as my artistic skills such as make-up artistry (including special effects, wig making adroitness) and painting/drawing.

I´m trying to develop myself in practical field, so I have already participated the student´s photoshooting projects in Media and Photography Department at Goldsmith College London, the dancers make-up for The Place Prize competition or The L´Oreal Hairdresser student show, also I made the masks with special effects for Halloween party or I was make-up artist for photoshooting project in Milan.

I learnt the make-up artistry basics in Prague where I completed the make-up artist course (retraining programme „The Theatre and Movie Make-up Artist“). The programme had three main parts –

– HAIR ( wigs making and dressing; making of the postiches, moustaches, beards, eyelashes and other hairpieces; various styles hairdressing – from antiquity to present)

– MAKE-UP (theatre make-up: model characters from the fairy tales, old age persons…; civil/informal ou eccentric make-up)

– SPECIAL EFFECTS (casting and application of silicone, latex and plaster pieces such as noses or bald spots, making-up of scars, wounds and other body injuries)

Also in London, I completed the fashion makeup course successfully at Shoreditch School of Make Up.

Thanks to the courses I am able to cope with the make-up artist profession in high quality and effectiveness.

I am a university graduate too. I have obtained two BA titles at Faculty of Arts (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic): Art History – French language and literature; Audiovisual Studies – Film History and Theory.

So I think my theoretical university studies „go hand in hand“ with the make-up artist practice and thanks to that I have a great potential to be a very good and highly educated artist/artificer.